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When Your Soul Embarks
I'll Follow You Into The Dark
Thirty Days of Sharing; 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. 
11th-Dec-2009 02:46 am
Thirty Days Of Sharing

Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy

My boyfriend and I. I truly think he's "The One". I believe he feels the same, too, because he wants me to move in eventually, and he said that's a big step towards marriage. He even recently said "We're getting there" when we were talking about me moving in.

Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

This is a photo of a man's "serial number" who survived the Holocaust. Hitler is the only person I can honestly say I hate. I'm so happy he's rotting in hell.

Day 09 → A photo you took

Josh and I (the boyfriend) were driving one day, and we claimed this as our sky dragon. Who else can see it? :D

Day 10 → A photo of you taken over ten years ago

This was taken probably around 1991 or so. It's me with my mom and dad, grandmother, grandmother's mom (Nanny), my aunt Janet and uncle Steve and their boy, Christian. Taken at my grandfather's house. I was so cuuuuuute.

Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently

My recently purchased Florida Gators hoodie from WalMart! I absolutely love it, and my smile, for once.

Aaaaand that's it! I'll update tomorrow! <3
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