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When Your Soul Embarks

I'll Follow You Into The Dark

Lauren // Mizukori
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I am a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend. I am a partner, a student, a young girl, and a grown woman. I am confident and scared, terrified and excited. I am loving, and caring, and thoughtful, and hopeful. I am sick and tired. I am shy and friendly, and careful and careless. I am broken and whole. I am misunderstood, misguided, and mislead. I am hard working and determined, but a little scared on the inside. I wish on stars and dream my dreams. I pray to God and cry my tears. I smile on the outside, while I'm dying on the inside. I listen to others who won't listen to me. I walk on eggshells, and I walk on fire. I believe in passion, but not true love. I love you and I push you away. I want you but not so close. I am everything and nothing all at once. And all I want is for you to




Manga Count : 208

Game Consoles : N64, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Gamecube, Slim PS2, Nintendo DS Lite, God of War PSP, Slim PS3.

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A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.

-Proverbs 11:28

About Her Up Close And Personal Other Information

Lauren (also known as 「水」or 「水氷」). 21 years of age, a warrior from the Feudal Era, freshman in college. About 5'2". Caucasian, Polish, Irish, Russian, and others. Will be going to a community college for 4 years, then transferring over to a university to make her dream come true : a veterinarian. An artist, painter, singer, and dancer (only in front of the mirror). Involved in drama, and was in band from 4th grade - 11th grade. Has a select few friends. Everyone else is pretty much an acquaintance. Has online friends, who she plans on visiting. Is sarcastic and blunt, and tends to upset people due to that. She tries to see the good in all people, but it proves quite difficult at times.

She also loves books, and is currently reading The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien.

She also plays video games. She is currently playing God of War and plays Ragnarok Online every once in awhile.

This is her and her significant other, Josh. They've been through a lot together, first as friends, then eventually as more. They've known each other for two years, and plan on sticking by each other for eternity.

She enjoys learning about history all over the world.

She loves her movies, as well; especially Disney movies. She's watched as much of them as she can, and plans on watching every single one.

She's also interested in the technical aspect of theater.

She writes her own poems. Her main inspirations for her writing comes from none other than Edgar Alan Poe. She has always been interested in learning about his life and works.

Her love of theater comes from none other than Shakespeare. She even dressed up as Juliet for school in order to get extra credit in her drama class.

She has 4 pets. Petunia, Tori, Buddy, and Scooter (not pictured). Her father rescued both the guinea pigs, one of the birds, and she picked out the last green-cheeked conure from a bird store. She loves them with all her heart, and plans to own more birds as she gets older.

She received her first tattoo on Friday, February 16th, 2007. It is kanji, and is her nickname in Japanese (「水氷」, or Mizukori).

MSN ~ mizukori@yahoo.com

AIM ~ Miraikui

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